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Aeonium tabuliforme Dinner Plate


Aeonium tabulaeforme is a strange succulent shaped like a giant frisbee. Flat as a pancake, it grows in vertical cracks in the lava flows on the island of Tennerife . The round, flat rosette grows 18" to 24" across, but only a couple of inches thick. It makes an excellent container plant and is quite happy planted sideways, vertically, as it grows out of steep rock walls in nature.

Like most succulents, Dinner Plate Aeonium needs good drainage, very little water, and protection from frost. It prefers light shade over sun and should be watered from the bottom. It does not like water standing on its leaves. If you grow it in a container, put a pebble under one edge to tilt the plant slightly so water doesn't puddle.

The rosette is made up of several hundred bright green fuzzy leaves that overlap in a swirling pattern. It lives for three years, then sends up a spectacular stem of bright yellow flowers, then dies. Pups form under the mother plant or you can start more from its fresh seeds.

15 seeds

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