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Echeveria gibbiflora - Ruffled Echeveria


This ruffled succulent is one of the showiest plants in my garden.

Echeveria gibbiflora comes from Michoacán in western Mexico. Frilly rosettes are a blur of pink and purple and grow a foot across. They're absolutely gorgeous and require zero attention.

In winter this species sends up a 2' branching bloom stalk, often topped with a tiny rosette. It will topple and plant itself, eventually forming a cluster. Colors vary among seedlings, always a blur of pink, purple, coral, blue. This beauty will grow in dappled shade, but full sun makes the colors more intense.

Echeverias are native to the mountains of Mexico where they grow between rocks, even on the face of a cliff, and they need good drainage! Full sun, partial shade, low humidity, infrequent water. This showy plant is very easy to care for.

The seeds are tiny. You can cut open the bag and lift each one out with the tip of a knife. They're in there!

15 seeds,


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