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Ageratum mexicanum dwarf Blue Mink

Ageratum mexicanum dwarf Blue Mink

A beautiful bedding plant, these gorgeous flowers have a long bloom season, from summer to fall! Blooms are soft, rounded, and fluffy. This variety grows 10-12 inches high.
Deadhead spent flowers to encourage more flowers.

These seeds are easy to germinate, and the plant prefers a moist, but well draining soil and plenty of warm sunlight. Looks lovely as a filler for bedding and display, an easy plant for the new gardener! Does well in zones 3-10.

Surface sow tiny seeds, gently pressing to make sure seed is making good contact with the soil. Use only a spray bottle/hose on “mist” setting to keep soil moist, but not soaking wet. Seeds require light to germinate.

150 seeds

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