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Callistemon violaceus - Purple Bottlebrush


Bottlebrush Trees are amazing, but this one blooms shocking pink!

Native to Australia, all members of the Bottlebrush family are large, dense shrubs that grow 8' to 10' high or more. They begin flowering in late winter or early spring, and the spectacle lasts for months . The 6" fuzzy flower spikes really do look like brushes, but they feel silky and they're purple!

Violet Bottlebrush is so rare as to astonish even jaded Californians, who are used to the ordinary red kind, (which are not ordinary at all). The seeds offered here came from the plant in the pictures, a specimen at the Los Angeles County Arboretum, and it blew me away.

Callistemon is tolerant of heat, cold and crummy soil. Full sun or partial shade is best, it will thrive in zones 8-11 and does fine in a container. It appreciates occasional water, but needs good drainage and is extremely drought-tolerant.  Hummingbirds love it.

Seeds from this beauty are microscopic. A pinch is enough to grow a forest. Press them into the surface of moist potting medium, keep them warm, and they'll germinate easily within two to four weeks.

200 tiny seeds

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