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Bolusanthus speciosa - African Tree Wisteria


Tree Wisteria is one of the world's most spectacular trees, though it's rarely seen outside South Africa. Every bit as spectacular as the Jacaranda, it blooms cascading clusters of fragrant purple pea flowers that cover the whole tree. Its small stature, drought-tolerance, and non-invasive root system makes it a popular street tree, and its gnarly gray trunk makes for a great bonsai.

Bolusanthus grows to about 20', is multi-trunked but is easily pruned to a single stem. It's deciduous, thrives in warm, dry climates, zones 8-10, tolerates considerable drought, and does fine in a container. It has a naturally graceful form, and when it blooms in springtime, it is spectacular.

Bolanthus grows easily from seed. Soak them overnight in hot water, then plant in sandy soil and keep warm. Protect the young seedlings from cold. They'll grow to blooming size in just a couple of years.

10 seeds

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