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Fuchsia boliviana alba

The loveliest of all fuchsias, this beauty grows wild in the cloud forests of Bolivia and Peru. If you have a shade garden in a warm climate, it will grow there, too.

Fuchsia boliviana is a small shrubby tree with velvety leaves. It blooms clusters of long white trumpets with crimson tips. Despite its rarity, the tiny seeds germinate quickly in warm weather and the seedlings grow fast. You'll blossoms the first year. Small sweet fruits follow. They were popular with the Incas and are still sold locally in South America. Definitely worth a nibble, but pinching back spent blooms makes for more blossoms.

Fuchsia boliviana is hardy down to 25 degrees, grows well in cool, misty climates, and shade gardens. Think ferns, a cool greenhouse, San Francisco.
The seeds are tiny. Place a few on the surface of a moist peaty soil mix and barely cover. They need light to germinate. Transplant the seedlings so they have room to spread out and always keep them moist. Makes a spectacular houseplant.
10 tiny seeds

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