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Green Shiso - Perilla frutescens


Shiso is a tangy Japanese herb in the mint family. Vibrant green with fancy ruffled edges, it has a refreshing tartness that's the perfect counterpoint to sushi and sashimi. Essential to many Asian cuisines, its delicious fragrance is often used in perfume.

There's even Shiso Pepsi!

Originally used as a sedative in eastern medicine, shiso has calming effects on the body and aids digestion. Plants grow about a foot tall, prefer cooler temperatures, but do fine where it's warm. This is an essential herb to any cook's garden.

Shiso seeds do best if chilled first, or plant them in fall and they'll come up in spring on their own. They don't pop up as quickly as basil, but once you have a patch, it will reseed itself forever.

100 seeds.

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