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Iresine herbertii - Purple Lady


If you like Coleus, you'll love this scarlet shrub. Native to Brazil, it's as vibrant as the culture. The foliage is vivid magenta. It grows quickly to 3' across. You can see it a block away.

A easy care bedding plant, Iresine is prettiest in bright shade with regular water, but will put up with neglect. Tolerant of urban pollution, it thrives in inner city environments. My favorite restaurant closed a year ago. The Purple Lady by the door is still vibrant. 

Iresine is perennial in zones 9-10 and grows fast enough to be used as a annual. It makes a splendid border, a graceful hanging basket, a showy houseplant. It grows easily from cuttings. This plant is gorgeous.

Sow seeds in good potting soil and barely cover. They need light to germinate.

10 rare seeds



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