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Alstroemeria ligtu - Peruvian Lily Mix


You've seen Peruvian Lilies in florist's bouquets, but they're rarely grown in American gardens. They should be.

Native to the Peruvian Andes, Alstroemeria is hardy down to zone 7 and thrives up to zone 11. Clusters of brilliant blossoms bloom on 3' stems, ideal for cutting. They're happy in full or partial sun, require regular water, no special care. Once established, they spread from rhizomes, and the cluster turns into a spectacular spread.

Peruvian Lilies have a long flowering period, and as florists know, the blossoms last as long as two weeks. These seeds are mixed colors. You will have one amazing assortment.

Seeds are very slow to germinate. Soak them for few days, then plant in warm, moist potting soil, cover with a shallow layer, and forget them. Some may appear in a few weeks, others months later. Eventually you'll have enough corms to share with your neighbors.

15 seeds

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