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Anemone coronaria - Windflower


Windflowers are native to the Mediterranean, where they grace the hillsides from Spain to Galilee. Vivid 2" blossoms with black centers appear in late spring, cast their fluffy seed on the wind, then retreat into the tiny corms below the soil.

Wild anemones range from blue, purple, red, to shocking pink, even white. They make extraordinary cut flowers. If allowed to go to seed, they'll settle wherever the wind takes them. Every year there's more.

In spring, my front lawn is a field of blue Windflowers (with an occasional red or pink) that have planted themselves over the years. Reliable, tolerant of heat and neglect, they send up uncountable blossoms every spring.

Direct sow seeds outside in spring or fall, or start them indoors, barely covering the seed. Keep soil warm and evenly moist. Seedlings appear in about 15 days. Your seedlings may take a couple of years to bloom, but after that, they'll do the planting on their own.

Anemones are hardy in zones 7-10, prefer sun or part shade and easy draining soil. I can assure you my Windflower "lawn" gets no attention whatsoever, save occasional water. Once established, this is a truly low-maintenance and spectacular plant.

50 seeds

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