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Asclepias curassavica - Scarlet Milkweed


Scarlet Milkweed is grown arould the world for its spectacular blooms and because it brings butterflies from miles away. Monarchs lay their eggs on Asclepias, then the larvae nibble the leaves. They'll be back every year. And hummers love the red-orange blossoms. This is a must for any habitat garden.

This is the showiest of butterfly plants, with vibrant red-orange blooms dotted with yellow. It's perennial in warm zones 9-10 and blooms even longer than most milkweeds. From spring right through autumn it delivers a big splash of color, welcome in late fall when most gardens fade.

Asclepias curassavica grows 3'-4' tall and bushy. It thrives in full sun, crummy soil, is drought-tolerant once established, but is even more lush with regular water. It will bloom in part shade and will even grow indoors on a bright windowsill.

Seeds are easy and need no special treatment. Sow them in fall and you'll have a butterfly garden in spring. Plants reseed generously and your spread will keep on spreading. This is an easy plant to grow and a spectacular addition to any garden (or windowsill).

50 seeds

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