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Brugmansia sanginea - Red Angel's Trumpet


Red Brugmansia is the most striking of all Brugmansias. It's exceeding rare. Unlike its tropical cousins, it's native to the high Andes and does not like hot weather. It loves San Francisco, is surly in Los Angeles, and downright grumpy in Florida. If you can provide the right conditions, you'll be rewarded with spectacular, yellow and scarlet trumpet flowers most of the year.

Fresh seeds are rarely seen for sale.

Brugmansia sanguinea forms a 10' tree where it's happy, can be grown in a pot and trimmed smaller. The flowers aren't fragrant, but who cares?

This is a true species. It really looks like the pictures and plants will look just like their parents.

Red Brugmansia loves cool weather (below 70 degrees if possible) and will even tolerate a brief freeze. Give it filtered sun, rich soil, high humidity and even moisture.

5 fresh seeds

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