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Callistemon pachyphyllus viridis - Lime Green Bottlebrush


Any Bottlebrush Tree is amazing, but this one has chartreuse blooms. A dense 3' shrub native to Australia, it starts flowering in late winter, and the spectacle lasts for months. Silky, 6" flower spikes resemble fuzzy bottlebrushes, and they're lime green!

Callistemon is tolerant of heat, cold and crummy soil. Full sun or partial shade is best, it will thrive in zones 8-11 and does fine in a container. Moderate water with good drainage is appreciated. Once established, Callistemon is extremely drought-tolerant.

The tiny seeds germinate easily. Press them into the surface of moist potting medium, keep them warm, and they'll sprout in two to four weeks.

100+ tiny seeds

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