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Cananga odorata Ylang-Ylang Tree


Ylang Ylang is famous for inspiring one of the world's greatest perfumes. It makes young men fall in love and will make your garden smell wondrous.

A member of the delicious Annona family, Cananga odorata is native to Indonesia and almost impossible to find here. A fast grower to 20', it's happiest in zones 9-11 or indoors in a container. It needs shelter from direct sun, will survive a slight freeze, and once established, is drought tolerant. This rare beauty is surprisingly easy to grow.

The delicate yellow blossoms have long trailing petals. They bloom profusely throughout the warm months. If you love fragrance and are a plant collector, you already know about this treasure.

 Plant in rich, moist, warm potting medium. These seeds need patience, but they will come through, and the results are worth the effort. Lovely.

These seeds are very SLOW to germinate. Soak them in several changes of water over several days, 48 hours, then plant in a rich moist medium and keep warm.  And be patient.   Cover pot with plastic wrap and a rubber band, to keep in heat and moisture.  Place in a warm/sunny spot.  Germination can take 3-5 MONTHS.

10 fresh seeds.

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