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Deodar Cedar - Cedrus deodara


Deodar Cedar is a grand spreading conifer with draping branches and silver-blue needles.
The most popular landscaping cedar in America, it's majestic, graceful, and easy to grow.
It's native to the Himalayas and thrives at high altitudes, but is happiest in warm zones 7 to 9.

Deodar grows fairly quickly, eventually reaching 70' tall with a 30' spread. It needs lots of space for full effect. Long-lived and trouble-free, it needs sunshine and free-draining soil. This is a relatively low maintenance tree and looks best unpruned. It will tolerate wind, heat and drought, is widely used as a landscape tree in the south and west coasts of the US.

Cedar wood has long been used for its insect repellent properties. This tree harbors no
pests (except squirrels). It's a particularly beautiful tree and makes a spectacular bonsai.

These seeds are falling in my garden now and should be planted right away. Soak for 12 hours, then sow 1/2" deep.

10 fresh seeds

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