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Citrus mitus - Calamondin Orange


Calamondin is a delightful little citrus usually grown in Southeast Asia. This is a very pretty tree, producing fragrant flowers and golden fruit about three times a year. The fruit look and smell like tiny tangerines. Very juicy with a sweet-tart flavor, they're used in drinks, make fine marmalade, are good for seasoning fish and can be eaten right off the tree.

Calamondin is very productive, thrives anywhere citrus is grown (warm zones 9-11) and it makes a fine houseplant. It blooms several times a year, even indoors, filling the house with fragrance. Fruit remain on the tree all year, so it's always showy.

Bushier and denser than most citrus, Calamondin grows 6' to 10' in the garden and is very productive. A 6-year old tree may bear up to 5000 fruits . Citrus need full-sun, well-drained soil, and deep irrigation not very often. An occasional feeding makes more blooms and more fruit. Calamondin comes true from seed and each seed may produce several seedlings.

In the world of indoor plants, none is rewarding as a citrus, and no citrus easier to grow.

These seeds have been soaked, wrapped in moist paper and chilled. Plant them right away!

10 seeds.

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