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Coleus forsokolii - Plectranthus barbatus - Indian Coleus Plant


This giant perennial is from Madagascar. It blooms long stems of intensely blue flowers about large furry leaves. The plant towers over your head, will spread to cover a wall and is one of the most spectacular bloomers I've ever seen.

Though not a Salvia, this showoff has the same dramatic appeal. It delivers 10" spikes of electric blue blossoms much of the year. Perennial in zones 9-10, it's easy to grow in full sun or partial shade, tolerates dry heat or regular water. A frost will level it, but it reaches full blooming size quickly so you can grow it as an annual anywhere.

Indian Coleus is perfect for gardens with dramatic plants like Brugmansias and is a great backdrop for a salvia spread. Plant it against a wall for support and shelter, or show it off in a container. It's always spectacular.

Scientists have discovered amazing therapeutic uses of Forskolin. If you are in search of the source, this is the plant.

You'll receive one well-rooted plant, much taller than the one pictured. One plant will fit in a large Priority box. No overseas shipping.

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