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Fancy Morning Glory Mix

Collector's Rare Morning Glory Mix

If you desire every morning glory you see, this is a good place to start. I planted all my rare Ipomoeas too close together and they made friends. It was a glorious sight, but at summer's end all the seeds looked the same. (Actually, they're various shapes and sizes and some are even white, but I can't swear which one is which, so you get them all.)

Here's a generous mix of 50 assorted uncommon Morning Glory seeds (nothing boring) for you to plant and create your own glorious, chaotic fence. Japanese, American, Brazilian species, possibly some unexpected crosses. If you find something you really love, tie a ribbon on it so you can find the seeds in fall. In the meantime, enjoy!

15 seeds.

Scarify the hard seed coat and soak seeds for a minimum of 24 hours in warm water, you should see the seed coats puff up, or swell. Surface sow, covering with a light layer of soil. Cover pot with plastic wrap and a rubber band to keep in heat and moisture. Place in a warm, sunny location, keep soil moist, but not soaking wet. Remove plastic wrap when you have seedlings.

**All seeds ship for one price!

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