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Genista monosperma - Bridal Veil Broom


Bridal Veil Broom is one of the prettiest drought-tolerant shrubs on the planet. A fluffy shrub that can grow 20 ft across, it has long arching stems that bloom tiny snow white fragrant blossoms all summer.

Native to Spain and southern Africa, white Genista is unknown to many American gardeners, but is treasured in the floral industry for grand magical displays. An armload of Bridal Veil Broom is an event in itself.

Genista is perennial in zones 9-10. It thrives in full sun to part shade, well-drained soil and needs very little water. Excellent for xeriscaping. Butterflies and honeybees love it and the flowers are excellent for drying. It grows easily from seed.

10 seeds

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