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Harry Potter Gift Garden

Looking for a gift for your favorite Wizard, Witch, Muggle, or Squib? We have you covered! Here's a Collection of Harry Potter inspired plants and flowers sure to delight the most devoted fan. Professor Sprout would be proud!

*Bloody Baron Bloodleaf- (Purple Bloodleaf). Leaves appear stained with blood, maybe Helena Ravenclaw's? This fluffy scarlet shrub grows quickly to 3' across. You can see it from a block away.

*Dementor's Kiss- (Black Bat Flower) This plant is reminiscent of a soul-sucking kiss! One of the strangest plants on the planet! Its dark purple blossoms are a foot across, with winged petals and long stamens that dangle a couple of feet. The blooms look like bat faces.

*Go! Go! Gryffindor!- (Canna Red & Yellow). Show your lion pride with these Red and Yellow flowers! Indian Shot is a wildflower in the West Indies where it's found growing under bananas and Elephant Ears, a delightful accent plant.

*Goblet of Fire (Firethorn) .Once chosen, by the goblet, you are subject to a binding magical contract in which you can not back out of the tournament...Firethorn is gorgeous year round. Long tresses of white flowers cover the stems in summer, then brilliant scarlet berries follow. The bush looks like a mound of flame!

*Sybil Trelawney's Yellow Moon and Stars Melon- We see a delicious treat in your future! Moon & Stars Watermelon is named for its patterned rind. It's midnight black with golden spangles and one large, lunar spot. It's been a beloved heirloom forever.

Weasley Red Carrots- (Kyoto Red Carrot)
Red carrots, no gnome bites! The color appears when baby carrots are 3" long. They grow long and slender, tapered and are especially sweet.

Sherbet Lemon Cucumber- (Lemon Cucumber)
More than a password to Dumbledore's office! This heirloom produces loads of lemon-shaped fruits with yellow skin and sweet, crispy, white flesh.

All grow happily in any zone (except for Azkaban, of course!)

Seven individual packets, appropriately gift-wrapped of course.

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