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Iris ensata - Japanese Water Iris


Japanese Water Iris are vibrant, dramatic, and easy to grow. Japan's most beloved iris, they've been cultivated for centuries, resulting in glorious colors and gigantic blooms. They're at home in a pond or boggy location, need abundant water in spring and summer, then go dormant in winter . They're perennial in zones 4-9 and very easy to grow.

Multiple blossoms 6'-12' across grow on tall slender stems. Colors range from vibrant blue and purple to pink and white. These lovely flowers will multiply over time and become a breathtaking sweep.


Seeds should be planted in fall so they can do their natural winter thing (freeze, thaw, freeze, thaw). They'll germinate easily in Spring. You can mimic this condition with cold stratification. First soak seeds for 48 hours in warm water. Surface sow seeds in a pot and lightly cover with soil. Cover your pot with plastic wrap and a rubber band and place in the refrigerator for 90 days of cold stratification. Keep soil moist but not soaking wet during this time. At the end of the three months cold stratification, place your seeds in a warm and sunny location. Seeds need consistent warmth of between 75 and 80°. Germination can be slow, please be patient and don’t give up!

15 seeds.

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