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Karikachi Soybean, tasty edamame from Japan, 15 seeds, non-GMO heirloom

Karikachi soybeans are a non-GMO, open pollinated, medium maturing soybean variety. Plump green pods with soft white fuzz deliver three seeds per pod. Bushy plants grow 2' tall, love full sun and the summer heat. The beans have a flavor reminiscent of sweet white corn. Boiled briefly with a bit of sea salt, they make a delicious snack, seeds are also good in soups, stir-fries, and salads.

Harvest while the young seeds are bulging but the pods are still green. As the plants yellow, the seeds will mature into pearls, your planting stock for next year.

These are premium soybeans, bred for fine sushi bars. Cheap soybeans are fed to cows.

This variety has wide growing adaptability and matures in approximately 70 days

15 Seeds

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