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Macfadyena unguis-cati - Cat's Claw Vine


This showy climber is native to Brazil.  It loves heat.  Year round, it cascades over fences, providing a dense screen of shiny foliage, then in spring, explodes with a spectacular display of showy yellow blossoms.

 In warm zones 9-11, Cat Claw Vine thrives in full sun, needs little water, and demands almost no attention. Deep roots make it a great xeriscape plant, but the shiny foliage looks almost tropical.

The vivid yellow blossoms bloom in clusters, lots of them. Each about an inch across, they nearly cover the foliage.  Cat Claw Vine is grown as a screen throughout the Southwest, draping over walls and fences.

Sow the papery seeds on the surface of rich, moist soil and cover with clear plastic to maintain moisture.  These seeds are extremely fresh. 

25 seeds

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