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Medinilla cummingii - Chandelier Tree


Medinilla cummingii is a spectacular flowering shrub from the mossy forests of the Philippines. A tree-shaped shrub, 3-5 feet tall, it's covered in 10" cascades of pale pink blossoms from spring through fall. They turn cherry-red, are followed by showy clusters of blue berries. The bracts and flowers together look like bunches of grapes.

Medinilla is a semi-epiphytic shrub, pretty easy to grow in a warm climate. In Hawaii, it escaped cultivation and grows wild. Fast growing, it needs bright light, rich soil, plenty of water and dilute organic fetilizer to keep cranking out those awesome blooms. Plant it in a container using rich organic soil mix with good drainage, or grow it right in the ground if your climate is warm enough. It's perfectly happy in a container and makes a fine houseplant in a bright location. In the right spot it's easy to grow.

Medinilla cummingii is so rare that it's often mis-named. These seeds came from a botanic garden and are the real deal. Press them into a moist, rich potting mix and keep warm. You'll have this plant for a long time.

10 seeds

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