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Passiflora caerulea - Blue Passion Flower


Passiflora caerulea is the classic passionflower, with a 3" creamy blossom with blue fringe, stripes, dots, and lime green stamens - a fantasy flower. Native to Argentina, it thrives in warm zones 9-11, but is an easy annual elsewhere. In full sun and fertile soil, this is one enthusiastic vine, needs strong support and will cover a fence or trellis in a season.

Blue Passionflower produces orange egg-sized fruits with glowing red seeds inside. They're edible, though a bit bland, best mixed with other juices. Renown for numerous medicinal properties, a tea made from the leaves is very calming.

One of the best reasons to grow this passion flower is the cloud of orange butterflies it brings in summer. It's the host plant for Gulf Fritillary, and they cover the plant on sunny days.

The seeds contain germination inhibitors and are stubborn. Soak them in orange juice or tea or beer (!) for several days, then plant in moist, rich loamy soil and keep them warm. They can take days or weeks to sprout. Click on the GERMINATION tab on the front page for more info.

10 seeds

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