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Ammi majus - Queen Anne's Lace

Florists love Queen Anne's Lace. The filigree blooms light up mixed bouquets, are perfect for weddings, look gorgeous alone in a vase and last up to 10 days in water. 

Large lacy fractal flowers appear from July to September. They're perfect for a cottage garden, but are exotic enough to be grown alongside tropicals.

Extremely easy to grow, this delightful annual reseeds itself without getting pushy. It attracts beneficial insects and is a host plant for butterflies. It's as lovely in a cottage garden as it is in a meadow. 

In some parts of the country, Queen Anne's Lace grows so easily it's considered a weed. But it hates being transplanted and frustrates gardeners who pinch some from the railroad tracks hoping to plant it at home. The species has a long taproot (it's a wild carrot) and must be grown from seed. 

Sow seeds in fall (or spring) where you want them to grow and barely cover. Wait till temps have dropped into the 60's. Ammi majus forms larger, more prolific plants from an autumn sowing. Let a few flowers mature and they'll reseed themselves.

500 seeds.

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