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Queen Anne's Pocket Melon - Fragrant heirloom


This sweet miniature melon has been grown since Victorian times when fancy ladies carried them in their pockets for the sweet fragrance. The tiny fruits are have a smooth skin with jagged orange and yellow stripes and mild white flesh. They're no bigger than a billiard ball.

Just one ripe fruit, which lasts for about ten days, will perfume a whole room, and the colorful zigzags are quite showy. Plants are compact enough to be grown in containers. The flashy striped fruits dangling from a hanging basket are very cool. These seeds are scarce, so save some to share.

This fruit is called Plumgranny in the Ozarks, where it's a traditional favorite. Early and prolific, it's easy to grow. Plant the seeds as you would any melon. 80-90 days. Non GMO.

15 seeds

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