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Salvia apiana - Sacred White Sage


Native to the coastal mountains of California, this big, broad leaf sage is prized for its strong aromatic properties. White Sage gives chaparal its refreshing fragrance, and has been long treasured by local Native Americans, who burned sage wands cleanse a space of evil spirits.

Its three foot mound of silvery leaves make this a beautiful foliage plant. In summer, 8' wands of off-white blooms appear - impressive, but this salvia is really about foliage and fragrance. Hummingbirds love it.

White Sage is surprisingly adaptable, thriving anywhere good drainage and sun is provided. It tolerates cold down to 20* but requires dry sandy soil, full sun, and minimal water. It does fine as an annual and can be overwintered in a greenhouse.

Sow seeds shallowly in very sandy soil, keep warm and moist.

20 seeds.

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