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Salvia clevelandii - Chaparral Sage


Cleveland Sage, the most fragrant of all salvias, is native to the California desert, it thrives in dry heat, gritty soil, is hardy down to 15*. It's one tough cookie. Its profusion of vivid blue flowers and silvery foliage make for a delightful garden plant. It spreads to 3' across and a foot high, a terrific foreground plant or mounding shrub in a low-maintenance garden.

You can see the glowing blue blossoms from a hillside away and smell them before you see them. Hummingbirds and butterflies love this plant. Deer leave it alone. It makes an excellent filler in dried arrangements.

Chaparral Sage needs full sun, gritty fast-draining soil, very little water. It's perennial in zones 8-10.

Seeds take their time germinating. Sow them outdoors in fall and they'll come up naturally in spring. Or press them into moist, gritty soil and keep them warm till they sprout. Germination is erratic, but they will come through.

10 seeds.

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