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Salvia elegans - Pineapple Sage


Pineapple Sage is impossible not to like. It smells delicious (yes, like pineapple), grows like a weed, blooms much of the year, and always looks lovely. Eventually you'll need to cut it back so it doesn't take over, but it's always lush and gorgeous.

Perennial in warm regions, this salvia is hardy down to 20 degrees, will grow in blasting sun or partial shade. Native to Mexico, it's perennial in zones 8-11 and makes a fine annual elsewhere. The blooms are scarlet, vivid against velvety crayon-green leaves, and both are edible, delightful in salads or summer drinks.

Hummingbirds love Pineapple Sage, especially during fall migration when it's still in full bloom.

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