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Senecio cineraria Dusty Miller


Dusty Miller is a lacy silver plant that grows close to the ground, makes bright flowers look brighter, keeps your garden looking tidy, doesn't need to be watered, and makes a lovely cut flower that's pretty enough for a wedding. It also glows in the moonlight.

Even in the dry heat of zones 9-10, Dusty Miller always looks fresh. It's so easy to care for that Southwest gardeners forgot about it when exotics caught their fancy. Every mid-century modern home was edged with Dusty Miller. It's time to bring it back.

Senecio cineraria is perennial in zones 7-10, even in cooler zones if mulched. It's terrific tucked into planters, and is the ideal border for a flower bed. If you've recently ripped up your lawn, plant a swath with Dusty Miller. Deer won't eat it. Bugs leave it alone. If you water it at all, soak the roots. The seeds need light to germinate. Scatter generously.

at least 200 tiny seeds.

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