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Sollya heterophylla - Climbing Bluebells


Bluebell Creeper is an Australian native with clusters of startling blue flowers all summer and vibrant edible berries in fall. A twiggy climber, it will climb to 6' if supported, mound as a 3' shrub, or trail down a hillside, blooming as it goes. Though it looks fragile, it's really quite tough.

This ethereal little climber is perfect for zones 9b-11. It's happy in full sun or part shade, thrives in hot dry regions, is drought-tolerant once established, does just fine in a container. Both gorgeous and easy to grow, it's received the Royal Horticultural Society Award of Garden Merit, (that's knighthood for plants).

The tiny seeds are hard to find, but easy to grow. Soak them for several days, then plant in warm moist soil and barely cover. Like most desert seeds, they're slow to sprout. Have faith.

10 seeds

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