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Valentine Collection, 5 varieties to bring pollinators

Traditionally Valentines gifts are flowers and candy, but why not a garden collection that can be enjoyed for years? We have come up with some rare and beautiful flowers that will captivate different types of pollinators- pollination itself being quite romantic...There is first attraction, then courtship, then true love and reproduction!

Cupid's Dart - perennial wildflower attract Butterflies, beautiful, dried flower drought tolerant, full sun

Love Lies Bleeding - Tassel-Like Blooms, any zone, full sun, drought tolerant, attracts pollinators

Forget Me Nots - any zone, drought tolerant, attracts pollinators

Love-in-a-puff - a tropical vine, with seeds that have a distinct white heart on their dark shell

Kiss me over the garden gate - an American favorite since colonial times, a hardy annual


Cupid's Dart, Love Lies Bleeding, Forget Me Nots: Direct sow in Spring, two weeks after the last frost. Water soil and allow to drain. Scatter seeds on the surface and lightly cover with soil. Keep soil consistently moist, but not soaking wet.

Love-in-a-puff: Seeds require light to germinate, surface sow and do not cover. Love-in-a-puff has a long taproot and does not transfer well, sow directly or start in peat pots.

Kiss me over the garden gate: seeds require 30 days COLD STRATIFICATION, this can be done naturally in the fall. Seeds can be chilled in the refrigerator for 30 days to mimic this process. Surface sow seeds, lightly cover.

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