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Vigna caracalla - Snail Vine


These are the Snail Vine seeds that everyone wants but can't find. Spiraling lavender blossoms pop from lush, shiny vines all summer. Robust and fast-growing, this vigorous beauty will cover a fence in a season. It's evergreen in zones 8 and up, may die back when temperatures drop below freezing, but will return in spring. If you live in a cold zone, it's easy to start again from cuttings.

There is much confusion about which Snail Vine is what. Both share names, but are quite different. This is NOT the fragrant Corkscrew Vine that catalogs got everyone excited about - a lovely, but frail novelty that only blooms a couple of times a season. Our strain is vigorous and profuse, produces fat lavender flowers all summer, and the shiny green foliage is a great fence disguise.

The hard seeds need to be nicked and soaked before planting. They are slow to sprout. Be patient. You will have this vine in your garden for a long time.

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