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Wisteria sinensis - Lilac Wisteria Vine

Lilac Chinese Wisteria is extraordinary. It's fragrant flower clusters can be a foot long, and the blossoms open all at once for a breathtaking display. A romantic classic in old fashioned gardens, it's possibly the world's most spectacular vine.

Plant Wisteria by a sturdy arbor. Over time, plants develop a twisted, woody trunk several inches in diameter, gnarly and picturesque, but they're vigorous enough to rip your roof off.

Wisteria will grow in full sun or heavy shade in zones 5-10 and isn't fussy about soil or moisture, though it will perform better with even moisture, good drainage, and timely pruning. It makes an exquisite bonsai.

Soak seeds, then plant them in fall (or stratify). The seedlings will appear in spring.

10 seeds

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