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Yard Long Noodle Bean - Vigna unguiculata


If you haven't grown Noodle Beans before, you're missing a fabulous vegetable. They're sweet and tender, rich in nutrients and grow 3' long. A great space-saver in the garden, they grow straight up a trellis, producing lots of beans in little space. This is a great bean for kids who think they don't like vegetables.

Noodle Beans are vigorous, prolific, and flower 40 days after sowing. They're native to the tropics and do well in warm climates where string beans do not. They love heat and need something to climb on.

Direct sow the seeds in moist soil once it has warmed up. 80-90 days. Harvest when the pods are a foot long or longer.

20 seeds.
Sorry, Australia. Beans and peas are not permitted by AQIS.

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