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Alpinia galanga - Thai Ginger - Galangal


Galangal is essential to Thai cooking. A member of the ginger family, its tender pink rhizomes have a pungent fiery flavor that's characteristic of Southeast Asian cuisine. If you cook Thai food, you need Galangal.

Thai Ginger grows in clumps of 5' stalks with broad, shiny leaves. Spikes of fragrant pink and yellow flowers rise above the lush foliage and last for weeks. In the tropics, the red fruits are used in traditional Chinese medicine.

Galangal thrives in rich moist soil. It tolerates more sun than most gingers and is hardy down to zone 7. It will grow in a pot (a big pot). Once settled in the ground it will spread into a handsome clump. This is a vigorous plant that's fragrant, beautiful, edible, and very easy to grow.

Fill a pot with well draining soil, water and allow to drain. Surface sow seeds, lightly cover. Use a hose or water bottle on “mist” setting only to keep soil moist but not soaking wet. Cover your pot with plastic wrap and a rubber band or a piece of glass to keep in heat and moisture and place in a very warm, sunny location. Seeds can take several months to germinate, please be patient!

5 rare seeds.

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