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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can I expect 100% germination?
A. Germination rates vary greatly for different types of seeds and ideal, specific conditions need to be met for germination to occur. We provide fresh seeds, and test for viability and vigor before we offer seeds for sale.

Q. Why do you charge so much for shipping?
A. We do not make money on shipping, really! We do send all of our orders via USPS first class mail, we pay a specific rate for postage, and will send seeds in a padded mailer including packing peanuts to keep seeds from being crushed by post machines. We do everything we can to ensure that seeds are received safely!
For postage rates outside the US, Unfortunately the USPS raised the rates quite significantly on 1/21/2018, and we pay a high cost for shipping labels ourselves. We make sure that orders are in a quality padded mailer and packing peanuts to ensure the safe arrival of your seeds.

Q. Where do your seeds come from?
A. We grow and harvest the majority of our seeds ourselves, the remainder of seeds we offer are from trusted growers all over the world. We do test all seeds for viability before they are offered for sale.

Q. How quickly will my order ship?
A. We ship daily, with the exception of Sunday. Orders are filled and dropped at the post twice a day.

Q. There was a problem with my order, what now?
A. We never intend to make an error with the fulfillment of any order, if you find we have made a mistake, please contact us ASAP and we will make it right! Please email:

Q. Are your seeds genetically modified?
A. We DO NOT sell genetically modified or hybridized seeds.

Q. Why are there some countries that you do not ship to?
A. We would truly love to share our seeds with gardeners all over the world, however there are many countries that we have attempted to ship to and seeds have taken 6 months to arrive, if at all. If you live in these countries you already know that there can be difficulties with items being received. The lists of countries that we ship to are places where orders have arrived successfully and regularly.