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Cercidium floridum - Palo Verde Tree


Springtime in the desert - Palo Verde is an extraordinary sight. A cloud of tiny yellow flowers entirely covers the tree till not a single branch is visible. The rest of the year, feathery lime green foliage floats above curved, gnarled trunks, moving in the breeze.

Native to southern Mexico, Palo Verde thrives in the desert. It needs almost no water, thrives in extreme heat, and will tolerate cold down to 10 degrees. Even the delicate flowers aren't phased by 100 degrees. In dry spells, the tree will drop its tiny leaves, then regrow them after a rain. Water it occasionally (once a month, not once a week), and it will stay lush year round.

Palo Verde grows easily from seed, soon reaches 20' tall and wide, and makes a soft, sculptural focal point for any xeriscaped garden.

10 seeds

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