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Calliandra tergemina - Red Powderpuff Tree


Calliandras are airy shrubs with feathery foliage and powderpuff blooms that hummingbirds love. This species comes from South America, grows to about 6' in all directions, and blooms fat scarlet puffballs almost year round. The feathery foliage folds up at night.

C. tergemina is is happy in zones 9-11, thrives in full sun, any soil, and is fairly drought-tolerant, but can only handle a light frost. It's a spectacular showpiece in a container and can be moved to a a sheltered area in slightly cooler zones. Evergreen in warm zones, it blooms those 2" scarlet puffballs almost year round.

Calliandra grows quickly, accepts pruning really well, but trim it to enhance its natural shape. It's too airy to be sheared into a hedge, but makes a fabulous bonsai. Hummers love it.

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