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Feed the Bees Seeds, wildflower mix, big ounce bulk pack

God Save The Bees! (And we'll help.)

This sweet mix of colorful flowers is a collection of bee favorites. They prefer certain flowers - low growing, high nectar blossoms that are flat (for easy landing) and close to home.

These were chosen for their bee-worthiness, high nectar count, year-round blooms, and bright colors. They're organic and non-GMO of course! All are easy to grow and beautiful to humans. (Butterflies approve, too.)

You'll receive a generous ounce of seeds that will cover 250 square feet, the size of most front lawns. Sow them now in prepared soil and keep moist. The bees are waiting.

Lavender Hyssop
Siberian Wallflower
Lance-Leaved Coreopsis
Plains Coreopsis
Chinese Forget-Me-Not
Purple Coneflower
California Poppy
Indian Blanket
Globe Gilia
Sweet Alyssum
Fleabane Daisy
Baby Blue Eyes
Corn Poppy
New England Aster
Crimson Clover
Blue Flax
Wild Bergamot

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