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Agave victoriae-reginae - Queen Victoria Agave


Agave victoriae-reginae is a living sculpture. Spiraling dark green leaves edged in white grow slowly to a foot tall and wide. Slow growth and exquisite beauty make this a prime single specimen. It looks like an elaborate origami. A mature specimen of Queen Victoria agave can cost as much as a thousand dollars.

After several decades, the plant will send up a 15' flower spike dense with reddish-purple flowers, but you may not see it in your lifetime. The plant in the final photo is easily 30 years old.

This agave is easy to grow and maintain. It thrives in full sun or part shade with almost no water, is hardy to at least 10 F°, and tolerates cold very well. It makes a striking garden specimen in zones 8-10 and a fine container plant anywhere.


Surface sow, covering with a light layer of soil.  Cover pot with plastic wrap and a rubber band to keep in heat and moisture.  Place in a warm, sunny location, keep soil moist, but not soaking wet.  Remove plastic wrap when you have seedlings.

15 seeds.

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