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Canna indica - 'Indian Shot' - Red & Yellow


You may have a collection of flamboyant Cannas, but this original species is still a surprise. The foliage is a fresh, vibrant green, and the 2" blossoms come in clusters, spritzes of vivid red and yellow. They remind me of little finches.

Canna indica is a wildflower in the West Indies where it's found growing under bananas and Elephant Ears. Even if your garden is not a jungle, this particular Canna is a delightful accent plant. The flashy hybrids need a tropical setting. These sweethearts seem at home anywhere, and they're cold hardy.

Canna indica grows happily in zone 6-11 in full sun. It makes a fine container plant indoors. Tropicals in Nova Scotia

Scarify the hard seeds, soak for a couple of days, then plant in normal soil. These babies will appear in no time.

10 seeds

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