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Ashitaba - Angelica keiskei -Tomorrow Leaf


Ashitaba is a native Japanese plant that grows wild on Hachijo Island, Japan. The inhabitants are known for their longevity and good health. Ashitaba has been an integral part of their diet for centuries.

Its leaves and stems, along with its yellow sap, have a rich concentration of nutrients and compounds that are said to prolong life and regenerate the human body. It is in great demand, but seeds are almost impossible to find.

Ours are fresh from Japan. They're guaranteed to be genuine Ashitaba and they need to get planted NOW.  The seeds are challenging. If you're not already searching for this wondrous plant, grow something easier.


ASHITABA GERMINATION Ashitaba - Angelica keiskei - Tomorrow's Leaf
*Soak your seeds overnight in cool, non-chlorinated water and then refrigerate the seeds in moist medium for 3 days. The moist medium could be moist sand, moist potting soil, or moist peat.
*Sow on surface, press in firmly and barely cover with soil. Keep evenly moist until germination. Use a greenhouse or grow lights. Germination takes about 15 days.
*Seedlings are slow-growing and will require about 60 days to reach transplant size. Once established, the plant grows quickly.
*The plants prefer partial shade and rich, consistently moist, well-drained soil.

10 seeds

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