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Canna indica - 'Indian Shot' - Red

Canna indica - 'Indian Shot' - Red


Canna loves, you may have a collection of flamboyant hybrids, but this dainty original species has a different appeal altogether. The foliage is a fresh, vibrant green, and the blossoms are clusters of tiny bright red spritzes.

Canna indica is a wildflower in the West Indies, where it's found growing under bananas and Elephant Ears. But even if your garden is not a jungle, this particular Canna is a delightful accent plant. While the flashy hybrids need a tropical setting, these sweethearts seem at home in any garden.

Indian Shot grows happily in zone 6-11 in full sun and is a fine container plant indoors, or outdoors in summer as far north as zone 3.

Scarify hard seed coat and soak seeds in warm water for 24 hours, sow seeds no more than twice their thickness and keep warm and moist! Cover pot with plastic wrap and a rubber band to retain heat and moisture.

5 seeds

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