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Baby Lettuce Mix - 15 Tender Varieties


Leaf lettuce is a cool weather plant, perfect for growing in spring or fall when the days are short. Scatter the seeds anywhere, a planter outside your back door, an empty patch in the garden, anywhere the soil is fluffy and moist. You can even plant a lettuce lawn.

This is a mix of a dozen tasty, colorful varieties meant to be harvested when young. In a few weeks, you can step outside and snip enough baby leaves to make a salad.

Scatter the seeds in a shallow planter or your garden, cover with 1/4" of fine soil and keep moist. Thin the plants to several inches apart (and eat the thinnings.)

When plants are about 4"-5" tall, harvest begins. Snip off the outermost leaves and leave the growing center intact. The plants will keep producing new ones.

This mild colorful mix contains:


Ruby Red Leaf

Lollo Rosso

Amish Deer Tongue

Green Oakleaf

Royal Oakleaf

Red Salad Bowl


Grand Rapids




2000 seeds

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