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Amethyst Shooting Star - Dodecatheon amethystinum


Shooting Star looks like it's zooming through space. Fuchsia petals are turned backwards, and in early spring it seems to appear out of nowhere. Blossoms rise 18" above a rosette of pretty leaves and even the seedpods are interesting. They stay on the plant for months.

Dodecatheon needs dappled sun, rich soil, even moisture - basically cool, moist shade. It's perennial in zones 3-8, is quite resilient and care-free. It's perfect for a woodland garden or a shady corner where most flowers won't bloom. The blossoms make long-lasting cut flowers.

Shooting Star makes plenty of seeds. Once it settles in, it will develop into a nice sweep. Sow seeds in fall and blooms will appear in springtime, or stratify them in moist soil in the fridge. They germinate easily.


Surface sow in late fall, barely cover. Use "mist" setting only to keep soil moist, higher water pressure can bury seeds too deeply to germinate. If starting indoors, surface sow, barely cover, cover pot with plastic wrap and rubber band, and cold stratify in the fridge for 30 days.

15 seeds

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