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Sugar Snap Snow Peas - Autumn Garden


Snow Peas are one of the great joys of gardening. They always come up, they're ready to harvest pick in a heartbeat, and they love cool weather, Fall is the perfect time to plant them.

Picked early, the tender pods are perfect for steaming, stir-fries, or eating right off the vine. Give them a week or two for tender shelling peas. They grow on 3' bushes so you don't need to stake them, but tomato cages will make them easier to harvest.

Even the smallest garden has room for a crop of snow peas. They'll be mature in 60 days, and you can start picking them as soon as the peas inside start to form. This improves their flavor and makes for more peas. Who can resist fresh peas right off the vine?

Sow seeds 2" apart directly into the garden in rows a couple of feet apart. Peas need rich soil, full sun, regular water. Plant a batch every 10 days for a long harvest.

15 seeds


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