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Phaseolus caracalla - Corkscrew Vine


Corkscrew Vine is the most exciting climber to come along in ages. Collectors scan the globe for a few seeds, and with good reason. This tropical beauty is as fragrant as jasmine and delivers masses of silvery buds that open to spirals of pink, yellow and cream, breathtaking against against lush foliage.

This beauty is native to Venezuela. Sub-tropical, it's perennial in zones 9-11 and may bloom year-round in a warm, humid climate. It needs full sun, rich soil and evenly moist soil. In cooler zones, grow it as an annual or indoors in a bright window. It can grow to 10' on a trellis, is more compact indoors. It does not climb trees like its lavender cousin.

Seeds are extremely hard to find. They're expensive but a good investment. This vine delivers fabulous fragrance, gorgeous blossoms, and will give you pleasure for a very long time.

Nick the seeds, then soak overnight in the hottest tap water you have. Plant 1/4" deep in rich, moist seed starter mix and keep warm - bottom heat outside the tropics.

These blooms are pollinated by ants, not bees. If you want seeds, let the ants do their work.

5 seeds

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