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Allium ursinum - Wild Bear Garlic


Gather fresh Wild Bear Garlic from the wild with Allium ursinum - Wild Bear Garlic. This wild variety of garlic is a nutrient-rich addition to your diet, providing essential vitamins and minerals. Foragers enjoy the low-maintenance harvesting of this Pre-Roman era vegetable.

Allium ursinum - Wild Bear Garlic is a delicious gourmet addition to your pantry. This wild garlic is harvested from the forests of the Alps and provides a unique and flavorful taste for any recipe. A perfect ingredient for any soup or stew.

Wild Garlic is a delicacy wherever it's found. Its flavor is gentler than commercial garlic, its fragrance less assertive, a chefs' delight. Until a few years ago you would never have seen it on a menu, much less in a supermarket. But it's easy to grow at home.

Ramsons grow wild in Europe and the U.K. In spring, their white flowers carpet the woodlands and streambanks, bright against the lush green foliage. By July, the plants withdraw, letting other flowers take their place. They spread by seed and multiplication. A patch soon becomes a spread.

The plant thrives in zones 4 to 9, prefers moist and slightly acid soils. Once established, tiny bulbs will divide and cover a woodland floor. This is a beautiful plant for a wild garden and a useful seasoning for adventurous chefs.

****Requires 2 months of cold stratification to break their dormancy.*****

Like many seeds Wild Bear Garlic requires a period of cold stratification.  This basically helps to break seed dormancy, it tricks seeds into thinking that winter is over, and it is time to germinate.  You would want to use a sandy/well draining soil, such as a cactus mix.  Put soil in a small pot and water soil, let drain.  Sow your seeds on the surface of the soil, sprinkle light layer over seeds and then cover with plastic wrap.  Place pot into the refrigerator and keep cold for at least 60 days.  Keep soil moist but not soaking wet during this process, I recommend using a spray bottle to prevent seeds from being buried too deeply.  At the end of the cold stratification time, place pot with plastic wrap on- in a warm/sunny location.  Once seeds germinate, remove plastic wrap.

15 fresh seeds.


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